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Our goal: Physical, mental and social health


What does wellness add to my company?

At Healthy Work, in addition to the traditional approach of competence in physical and nutritional wellness, we also address the mental and social health of organisations and employees. Our approach is an integral one. We enhance programs to improve eating and sleeping habits, exercising, quitting smoking and managing diseases, with a focus on addressing relationship difficulties in work and personal life, stress, resilience and anxiety or any problem hindering individuals from accessing their talents.

Through psychosocial evaluations, we analyse and detect the needs of employees in a company, offering strategic solutions to improve the quality of their work and personal lives.

What do we offer?

We design tailored programs to increase wellbeing and health in organisations.

We design tailored programs to increase wellbeing and health in organisations. We assist in selecting the best strategies to promote physical and mental health by working will all the employees within an organisation.

Once we have identified the needs of the organisation, we design the best strategy and select the tools to achieve the desired goals.

Ranging from training, Employee Assistance Programs (EAP), App development, gamification, health coaching, planning a sports event or sleep, exercise or nutritional counselling, our intervention contributes to create a healthier physical, mental and social culture in your organisation.

Prevention and evaluation of psychosocial risks.  

Healthy Work assists in the prevention, identification and management of psychosocial risks. We contribute to the wellbeing of the employee by addressing: resilience, optimism, engagement, self-efficacy, and hope (the psychological assets of an organisation).

We use stress and engagement measurement tools (developed by the University of Louvain) to determine the best strategies for both the organisation and every employee.

Health Coaching.

In person or over the phone, we assist employees in losing weight, exercising more, sleep better, managing stress, chronic illness or quitting smoking with the Mayo Clinic methodology.

Psychological Assets.

Healthy Work is a pioneering company in providing support for the fostering the psychological assets of organisations. This is the set of positive personality traits that we deploy in our professional life: will (motivation), realistic optimism (confidence), resilience (ability to face hazardous conditions) and self-confidence (certainty in one’s own abilities).

This is an approach of wellness that focuses on the mental aspects that can impede access to the talent and efficacy of any employee. Lack of motivation, pessimism, insecurity and stress can prevent us from expressing our best qualities.

All these aspects can be improved, and Healthy Work offers organisations and their employees its Employee Assistance Program, assistance in crisis situations and training to develop the psychological assets of each individual within an organisation.

EAP Employee Assistance      Employee Assistance

Programa de asistencia al empleado

We provide confidential support to employees and their family members in the improvement of the quality of their personal and work life.

Customized TrainingCustomized Training

Formación a medida

Our company provides integral training solutions. We adapt our programs to the training needs of your business, and, combining different methodologies and formats, provide training to improve productivity, learning and self-awareness.

Wellness / WellbeingWellness / Wellbeing

bienestar wellness

We design specific programs to bolster wellness throughout your organisation. A bespoke selection of the best strategies aimed at increasing the physical and mental health of your employees.

Coaching, ConsultingCoaching, Consulting

bienestar wellness

We tackle any demand or need of the human team in your organisation in English, Italian and Spanish. Our professionals are available for advice, and side by side support of managers, teams and employees.

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