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What we do

As key to the success of any business is the need of employees to feel empowered, engaged and supported. Healthy Work covers this need with its Employee Assistance Programs (EAP), Training, Wellness Programs (Psychosocial Risk Assessments), and Coaching & Consulting services.

EAP Employee Assistance      Employee Assistance

Programa de asistencia al empleado

We provide confidential support to employees and their family members in the improvement of the quality of their personal and work life.

Customized TrainingCustomized Training

Formación a medida

Our company provides integral training solutions. We adapt our programs to the training needs of your business, and, combining different methodologies and formats, provide training to improve productivity, learning and self-awareness.

Wellness / WellbeingWellness / Wellbeing

bienestar wellness

We design specific programs to bolster wellness throughout your organisation. A bespoke selection of the best strategies aimed at increasing the physical and mental health of your employees.

Coaching, ConsultingCoaching, Consulting

bienestar wellness

We tackle any demand or need of the human team in your organisation in English, Italian and Spanish. Our professionals are available for advice, and side by side support of managers, teams and employees.

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