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Our goal: to offer solutions to companies and employees.


What is an Employee Assistance Program (EAP)?

Employee Assistance Program or EAP is a confidential service designed to make life easier for employees and their families. Our specialists orient, counsel and support the human team of an organization when facing any difficulty or problem, aimed at facilitating their life-work balance and quality of life.

What is the purpose of an EAP?

The main purpose of the Employee Assistance Program is to increase overall satisfaction of the human team within an organisation. When we increase employee satisfaction in the workplace, employees are more engaged and effective, and contribute to the success of the organisation.

What does EAP offer?

Psychological help

Always available, our qualified professionals, offer CONFIDENTIAL support over the phone, face to face or online.

Example: I am overwhelmed by projects that are always very demanding, come home late, do not sleep well and I am stressed! Could I learn to better balance my work and my personal life? I am married with children and we are separating. I find it very difficult to concentrate at work and I feel sad. Can you help me overcome it?

Legal support

Our lawyers can counsel you about your rights and responsibilities, providing advice and information to solve legal issues.

Example: I going through a separation and don’t know how to proceed legally with the divorce, What are my legal options? I want to leave my rented apartment. Can I do it?

Financial support

We will assist you in solving your financial concerns quickly, effectively and confidentially.

Examples: I have several loans and this year I will not be able to pay them all. How can I face this situation? Can you help me with my taxes?

Support in traumatic situations: Crisis management.

We offer our team of professionals trained in the management and intervention in crisis situations

Examples: A manager dies of a heart attack while jogging during work hours. How can we assist his team in their grieving? We have suffered a gunpoint hold up, can you help us ?

Counselling for managers

Through EAP, managers have access to the support of people and team management professionals. 365 days a year, 24 hours a day any manager can count on assistance to handle a difficult situation with a team member.

Other services

Call us and we will also assist in the search for services such as: finding day care for your children, schools, tutors, doctors, nurses, or help with your travel plans, consumer rights, etc.

Example: I am calling because my baby has been crying for a month in day care and I don’t know what to do. Should he stay at home for another? I need a care centre for my father this summer. Can you inform me of available options?

Benefits of EAP

  • Improves the ability to lead a balanced work-life.
  • Improves the overall work environment.
  • Increases employees’ engagement.
  • Increases productivity, performance and wellbeing at work.
  • Happy and satisfied employees.
  • Healthy companies.
  • Successful handling of personal and professional situations.
  • Integration of Expats
  • Support to managers and leaders.

EAP Employee Assistance      Employee Assistance

Programa de asistencia al empleado

We provide confidential support to employees and their family members in the improvement of the quality of their personal and work life.

Customized TrainingCustomized Training

Formación a medida

Our company provides integral training solutions. We adapt our programs to the training needs of your business, and, combining different methodologies and formats, provide training to improve productivity, learning and self-awareness.

Wellness / WellbeingWellness / Wellbeing

bienestar wellness

We design specific programs to bolster wellness throughout your organisation. A bespoke selection of the best strategies aimed at increasing the physical and mental health of your employees.

Coaching, ConsultingCoaching, Consulting

bienestar wellness

We tackle any demand or need of the human team in your organisation in English, Italian and Spanish. Our professionals are available for advice, and side by side support of managers, teams and employees.

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