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Our History

With over 25 years of experience in clinical and behavioural psychology, Carla Boyer and Miguel Cristóbal founded Healthy Work in 2006. They offer their psychological and international experience to organisations to assist them in building healthier companies and eliminating obstacles to the expression of talent, by fostering employee resilience and engagement.

At first Healthy Work focused on Employee Assistance Programs and Cross-Cultural training. Our mission evolves around improving the quality of life for employees and their families in any organisation. Over time, our EAP programs evolved to include Training in talent development. From 2015, we also offer Wellness support, assisting employees both mentally and socially.

Our goal is to aid individuals in creating the changes they long for and finding the motivation to reach their goals. Our high quality standards include efficacy measurements of our interventions before and after, and the latest techniques or resources available in psychology, neuroscience and technology.

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Our team

Our team is formed by a wide network of excellent psychologists, psychiatrists, lawyers, financiers, trainers and consultants in Spain and Italy.

We work with over 300 specialists in Spain and Italy who provide assistance to organisations and employees, including crisis management.

One of our strengths is the multicultural background based on our own experience.

Our values

Honesty and truth above all.

We do not tolerate the lack of truth, deception or concealment of information for one’s own benefit or that of others. We want to work from the truth and with values.

Provide solutions.

Do not say NO without trying first. It can always be done, and yes, we can.

Quality of service.

HW applies the concept of quality to all their processes, both in its internal management as well at its delivery service. This demands the highest level of quality procedures and controls applied in the selection of their professionals and the overseeing of their specific job.

Contribute to society.

We believe giving is better than receiving. We know that generosity correlates with happiness. We want to give and contribute, and we believe that when you give, you contribute to create a better world for everyone.

Take risks and learn from mistakes.

We would rather take risks and make mistakes in business decisions than stand still on safe ground. Only an adventurous spirit can lead us to unexpected places. One of our goals is to assist the person who fails in learning from mistakes. A person’s health is the area where we don’t take any risks.

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Our Clients

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