HealthyWork: PAE (Programas Asistencia al Empleado), Soluciones Cross Culturales, Prevencion Riesgos Psicosociales, Formación a Medida


Employee Assistance Program

Healthy Work, to develop Employee Assistance Programs (EAP), offers our customers the support and knowledge of our psychologists and consultants.


Prevention of psychosocial risks

Healthy Work helps in the prevention, identification and management of psychosocial risks. We are concerned about the resilience, optimism, self-efficacy and hope. Our concern is that companies have a healthy environment


Cross Cultural Solutions

For over twenty years the professionals that are part of Healthy Work have been offering cross cultural courses and assessments for expatriation candidates.

Effective tailored training

Healthy Work provides to the training courses scientific psychological concepts that improve self-knowledge and a method of work for managers and employees.  

Support and professional help for companies, employees and families to better manage their jobs, health and personal challenges.

Employee Assistance Programs add a flexible benefit to employees of all ages with different needs. One person may get support with a relationship while other may review a rental agreement, search for work-life balance or get advice on tutors for his school age children.

A satisfied, motivated and optimistic person is an engaged employee. ¿Why do people do not wash rental cars? We explore the necessary changes to feel part of and increase our commitment to our work and personal development

We are concerned about the health and wellbeing of all employees. We all want to be healthy, have an adequate weight and exercise but, how do we find the motivation? The answer is different for everyone and having a personal coach to be healthier is one of the offers we provide.

At Healthy Work, we have developed specific custom made trainings to help us accept the changes needed to increase the wellness and health of companies and employees. We help you know yourself better, lower your stress, develop resilience and manage workplace bullying.


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Contact Information:

Calle Ferraz 49, 28008 (Madrid)

Tel: +34 91 5590061

Healthy Work

Experts in EAP, Training and

Psychological Capital Development

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