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Physical, mental and social health are our mission.


What does wellness add to my company?

Our Wellness program focuses on helping companies establish ways that will help raise health awareness providing the necessary tolos to promote healthy lifestyles at home and in the workplace.

Through this program we analyze and detect the needs of employees in a company, offering strategic solutions to improve the quality of life in the workplace and personal.

Healthy Work is different from other companies in our interest to promote, not only physical health (smoke cessation, nutrition, exercise and sleep), but its emphasis on stress and anxiety management, mental health, concern for communication, conflict management and relationships at work and at home. Our background as experts in psychology help us deliver the best solutions.

Life Balance

What do we offer?

Prevention of Psychosocial Risks.

Healthy Work helps in the prevention, identification and management of psychosocial risks. We are concerned about the resilience, optimism, self-efficacy, engagement and hope. Our concern is that companies have healthy employees and a healthy environment. Toguether with our partner Pulso from Belgium we have tools from the University of Leuven to help us identify these risks.

Wellness Program Designed to increase the Wellness and Health of Companies and their Employees.  

Healthy Work helps choose the best strategy to promote wellbeing and physical and psychological health working with all the employees in an organization. We help select the best tools to attain our goals choosing from health trainings, EAP, App development, using gamification, health coaching, organizing a sport event or advising on sleep, exercise or eating habits…


In person or through telephone we provide support in the management of chronic disease, nutrition and exercise, smoke cessation, sleep, communication in relationships and stress management. A personal coach can help you deal with the difficulties in motivation to be healthier and happier.

Psychological Capital.

Healthy Work is a pioneer company in offering support for the development of psychological capital in businesses. This is the set of positive personality characteristics that we deploy in our professional life: the will (motivation), realistic optimism (confidence), resilience (ability to face hazardous conditions) and self-confidence (certainty in one’s own abilities).

Efficacy Investigation

Healthy Work is concerned in assuring that what we do works. To this effect, we have developed a research program that will be addressing issues related to the efficacy of the employee assistance programs, the effectiveness of the training programs, and any other issues related to the different areas that we approach.

EAP Employee Assistance       Employee Assistance

Programa de asistencia al empleado

We support, confidentially, employees and family members in improving their quality of personal and work life.

Customized TrainingCustomized Training

Formación a medida

We provide different training courses for employees and managers that help improve the productivity of companies, generating new knowledge.

Wellness / WellbeingWellness / Wellbeing

bienestar wellness

We provide solutions to ensure wellness through coaching, events, applications, etc. Our coaches help to set a vision of health.

Coaching, ConsultingCoaching, Consulting

bienestar wellness

Our professionals are available for advice, and side by side support of managers, teams and employees.

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